Delivering the adventure

Firstly, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been supportive of our launch.

The reaction from parents and educators has blown us away showing that there really is an appetite for more adventure and outdoor play.

Our next steps are to secure the viability of the Little Mud Club. The way we're proposing to do this is through crowdfunding. Next week we'll launch a kickstarter where you'll be able to pledge your support for the Little Mud Club.

Our rewards will be largely subscription based. Families will be able to choose between purchasing a one-off pack or signing up to a twelve month subscription. And of course they'll be a lot of fun extras that you can order too. 

Our goal will be challenging but deliberately so. It will be set at such a level so that we can guarantee to deliver the rewards that you pledge money for without lowering our environmental or ethical standards. In short, you can back us with full confidence that we will deliver for you.


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