The Little Mud Club: Our Story

Have you ever seen the joy on a child's face when they open post addressed to them?
I have and that's where the idea for The Little Mud Club started. My daughter had just turned two and she loved helping me get the post but she'd soon get downhearted when she realised not every day was birthday card day. She wanted post of her own to open and look forward to.
During Lockdown I asked my friends to send my daughter some post and they stepped up in a big way. Some sent drawings, some sent stories and one legend sent a scavenger hunt. My daughter loved getting the post but even more we loved being outside together hunting for birds, bugs and bracken 
That's where the idea of The Little Mud Club was born.
What if there was something that kids could look forward to landing on their doorstep each and every month. And what if the excitement of that parcel lasted beyond the unwrapping.
The Little Mud Club is subscription pack unlike any other subscription pack on the market for parents. This isn't a craft box where you end up spending more time putting together the thingy-majig than your child remains interested. 
The Little Mud Club is an adventure in the post.
With seasonally varied, age appropriate activities endorsed by early years educators that require just a kid, a big kid and our eco-friendly, sustainable activity pack

We want to help you nurture your children's love of nature.
There will be mess. There will be mud but most of all there will be fantastic memories that you can share.
James x